Long Term Derailment

I’m chalking 2014 up to a year of injuries that derailed all training.  In February 2014, I broke my hand.  Just as I had that back to feeling close to 100% again I dislocated my right should which has taken even longer to recover from.  PT for weeks and weeks and it still quite doesn’t feel right.  Regardless, I’m going to target a couple of things in 2015 that I’ve been chasing for a couple years.  More to come soon.

3 total bone breaks

3 total bone breaks

4 week cast

6 week cast



Euro Pinch 175 & 180 Attempt

Happy with the 5lb PR and the over body weight ratio.


12 Inch FBBC Spike Bend

The video on this sucks and the chest crush isn’t in frame. Still went down easy.


Euro Pinch 165 & 170 lbs

These two were personal bests for me on the day. I had a slip at 175 lbs which was over body weight by 6 lbs.


57.5# Ironmind Hub Attempts

Got some movement left handed and some hops right handed. Damn those slips sting.


280# Axle Lift

Sick and still hitting PR’s on the Axle. Good days ahead. I want to at least get 305 before the end of the year.


Polo 00 Bend

Haven’t bent a horseshoe in a few months. It went well.


COC 2.5 Closes

This is not a PR, but I haven’t touched grippers in a while and don’t currently have any gripper videos so I thought this would be a decent start.  4 easy reps in between some squats this morning.


52.5# Ironmind Hub Lift

It’s a decent lift for me.  Still chasing 65#.


45# Hub Lift with Both Hands

What made this really tough was the slick paint coating.


155# Euro Lift

No biggie, but about 13#’s from a Body-weight lift.


Tearing an entire Deck of Bicycle Cards

This was my first attempt at tearing an entire deck, plus the extras (a total of 56 cards).

What makes this more difficult is the fact that these cards are plastic coated and air cushioned.  They are not your dollar store brand cards.

It’s not pretty, but I manage to get the job done.  Time to move onto 1.5 Decks.


Battled a 7″ piece “N” level Drillrod… and won.

This piece of Drillrod rates at about 405lbs of pressure to bend at 7″ in length.  It took some time, but I managed to finish it off using only Ironmind wraps.

N Series Oil Hardened Drillrod Bent in Ironmind Wraps


Bending 10, 60d Nails in 100 seconds

Some speed bending.

Bent 10, 60d Nails in Ironmind Wraps in about 100 seconds.


7″ x 19/64″ – Oil Hardened Drill-rod Bent in IMP’s

My Road to Certifying on the Ironmind Red Nail.

This piece of drill-rod went down pretty easy, less than 20 seconds (The bend starts at 2:45).


St. Croix Forge Polo 1 Bend

So after getting my gym all setup, I got the urge tonight to submit my first at a St. Croix Forge Polo 1 Horseshoe Bend for www.steelbenders.org.  We’ll see what the judges think.  Here is second ever Polo bend video submission:


Making a Euro Pinch

I thought I’d share this for those looking to build their own, rather than order from David Horne’s website (which I have ordered many items from) just simply because of the cost of international shipping.

I found this video on YouTube and thought I’d share: